Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mattel Announces A New Addition To The Lineup

EL SEGUNDO, CA (AIP) – The Mattel Corporation is proud to announce the latest addition to the wildly popular Barbie line – the brand new Klaus Barbie, complete with her racially pure companion Ken.

“This new Klaus Barbie doll is probably the hottest Barbie to join our product line in years,” said Mattel Spokesman Mary St. Christopher- Charles. “She’s been in research and development for about two years and should be on the shelves in time for the Christmas Season.”

Klaus Barbie comes complete with a fashionable mid-century French wardrobe, Nazi gold party badge and French train timetable so that “her cargo is never not on schedule,” said St. Christopher-Charles.

“We expect sales to go through the roof,” said St. Christopher-Charles.

Not all consumers are excited by the new Klaus Barbie.

“Just another example of a major corporation Aryan-shaming the young girls of this country who are not as racially thin or busty as the unrealistic image the Klaus Barbie portrays,” said feminist group FEMEN spokesman Connie Large. “This new Klaus Barbie just makes those girls feel bad about themselves.

“Let’s face it, not all young girls have the builds or the busts to deport a lot of French Jews east.”

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