Sunday, September 18, 2016

Clinton Captures Special Interest Vote

LAS VEGAS (AIP) - If campainging has become a game of capturing special interest groups, then presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would appear to have a leg up opponent Donald Trump with at least one cabal -the Bulimic and Anorexic Men of America (BAMA).

"We love Hillary," said BAMA spokesman Melvin Fischer. "Anytime I've had an exceptionally good meal and contemplate actually digesting it I just pop one of Hillary's porn videos in my DVD player and I'm hurling in no time."

Clinton's pornographic video collection, which she was reduced to performing in to 'make ends meet' when she and husband Bill Clinton left the White House broke at the conclusion of his second term as President, has become the number one seller to the BAMA crowd.

"I put one of Hillary's sex tapes - say Hillary Wipes The Server - on and I usually expel the entire contents of my stomach before the first money shot", said BAMA member Charles Naul. "She makes spurging and purging exceptionally easy.

"If you're looking to vomit, watching Hillary Clinton have sex is as sure a thing as a finger down the throat."

Election watchers expect Clinton to garner 100 percent of the small but influential BAMA vote in November.

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