Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio Refutes Trump Allegations

JOHNSON CITY, TN (AIP) - In a campaign rally here today leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called rival Marco Rubio a "fucking punk bitch".

"If we were in prison, Marco and I, I would so be sodomizing him on like a regular basis," Trump told a cheering crowd at Johnson City's Freedom Hall. "I would toss his salad daily."

Rubio, campaigning in Knoxville, began shaking visibly when told of Trump's remarks.

"You don't think he'd actually try to that, do you?" he asked reporters. "I mean that would really hurt. I will never submit willingly. I'd resist."

In later remarks Trump amplified his earlier statements.

"That bitch Rubio would be wearing coral rose lipstick and sucking my cock everyday in the exercise yard," said Trump. "He'd learn to love it."

"That's another con man game lie. I would never love it," retorted Rubio.

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