Friday, June 12, 2015

Dugger's Arrest Sparks Outrage

ELIZABETHTON, TN (AIP) – Sports equipment manufacturer Nike and car maker Jaguar have both notified local resident Michael Dugger that they are terminating his relationship with their companies after his arrest for domestic violence on Wednesday evening.

“We feel that Mr. Dagger’s behavior is detrimental to our company’s image,” said Nike spokesman Victor Hubert. “While Mr. Dugger is innocent until proven guilty, the very fact of his arrest brings a dark cloud on him.”

According to police reports Dugger allegedly pushed his wife during a family argument in the couple’s living room.

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking to reporters Thursday morning said that he was surprised and alarmed by Dugger’s actions.

“This guy has stepped outside the bounds of decency, if the reports are true,” said Goddell. “The league will be investigating this incident and, if found to be true, we will take decisive action.”

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig issued a written statement decrying Dugger’s actions and urging authorities to quickly prosecute him for his actions.

“There’s no place in baseball for domestic violence,” said Selig’s statement.

President Barack Obama, speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden Thursday afternoon, stressed the need for a thorough investigation.

“The Justice Department has already begun a civil rights investigation into this matter,” said Obama. “It’s time in this country for folks to engage in some soul searching about domestic violence in general and we will get to the bottom of the unfortunate events in Elizabethton.”

Dugger,51, an assistant manager at the Elizabethton Big Lots store is bewildered by the high profile his case has developed, according to his attorney Christian Matthews.

“We’re unsure why all these people are weighing in with comments about this case,” said Matthews. “My client has never had a contract to represent Nike or Jaguar, doesn’t even watch professional football or baseball and has no ties to the government. We can’t understand why all these people are commenting on this very minor, local incident.”


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