Friday, July 10, 2015

Protestors Demand Racially Insensitive Name Be Changed

EASTON, PA (AIP) – The corporate headquarters building of the Dixie Cup Company, the world’s largest producer of paper and plastic disposable picnic dinnerware, was the target of thousands of angry protestors Friday demanding that the company change its racially charged name.

“We demand that this corporation drop the offensive name ‘Dixie’,” said the Reverend Al Sharpton, speaking to thousands of demonstrators. “That word is a slap in the face to millions of African-Americans, reminding us of the slavery ridden South.

"The might as well have named it the Lynching Cup Corporation."

In a statement released by the White House press office, President Barack Obama signaled his agreement.

“Next to global warming and the Confederate battle flag, the word ‘Dixie’ is the most existential threat our nation faces,” Obama said in the statement.

In a related demonstration at the offices of Kasper and Richter, protestors demanded that the compass manufacturer remove the direction ‘south’ from all of its compasses.

“It’s like some kind of agenda to humiliate the black man,” said protestor Marvin Littles. “When you tell a black man that he is heading south, the only thing he imagines is that he’s being sold into slavery. It’s racially insensitive.

“We demand that Kasper and Richter change the name of the direction from ‘south’ to ‘not north’.”

In another statement issued by the White House late Friday the President Obama again signaled his agreement.

“Next to global warming, the Confederate battle flag and the word ‘Dixie’, the direction ‘south’ is the most existential threat our nation faces,” Obama said in the statement.

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