Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tiger Woods Frustrated By Poor Performance

ORLANDO (AIP) – Tiger Woods, the world’s former number one golfer, had perhaps the worst performance of his professional career Friday at the Chatham’s Place restaurant near his Orlando home, where for the first time in his career he was unable to find his mouth with a single forkful of food.

“It was stunning to watch,” said dinner partner Mark O’Meara, now golfing on the Champions Tour. “His approach was fine, but he just was unable to put the food in his mouth. It was horrible seeing the wheels come off like that.

“It’s unfortunate because when Tiger was on top of his game he would have destroyed that dinner.”

Woods, who selected the Brie Carroza salad to begin dinner, was painfully unable to put any of it in between his lips. In his final attempt he actually sent the salad off the table and it ended up some 15 feet away, near the dessert cart.

“I grew up watching him,” said 2015 British Open winner Zach Johnson who was paired with Sergio Garcia in the group behind Woods and O’Meara. “His dinner game has completely fallen apart. You could almost see the fear in his eyes when the waiter brought out the main course. He’s lost his confidence.”

When the staff brought out a lovely looking rack of lamb in rosemary au jus, things really got embarrassing for Woods.

“He couldn’t get it in the hole,” said O’Meara. “One of his attempts actually hooked off and flew into the gallery. It was a mile out.”

Woods, frustrated by his performance, retired halfway through the event and spoke to reporters.

“I hired a new fork coach and he’s completely changed my mechanics,” said Woods. “It’s going to take some time for me to settle in with the new approach style. I’ve got to be honest, it’s a bit frustrating.”

Woods’ former dinner coach Butch Harmon seemed amused by Woods dinner.

“When I was coaching him he could at least get dinner in his mouth,” said Harmon. “There’s every chance that he could starve to death before the Tour wraps up for the year.”

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