Monday, July 21, 2014

Near Tragedy Changes Lives

TACOMA, WA (AIP) – Childhood friends Dwight Moore and Kyle McQuade have seen been through some tough times together, but what happened to them Friday has changed both men’s live forever.

“We stopped at the Twisted Soul for happy hour, like we’ve done for years,” said Moore. “We were sitting at the bar in our usual places. That’s when the nightmare started.”

McQuade said that both men had just ordered their second beers from bartender AnnMarie.

“I saw the woman first, standing at the juke box with her back toward us,” said McQuade. “She had on an incredibly short dress, fantastic ass and long tan legs and high heels. She was bent slightly at the waist toward the juke box. I nudged Dwight and he saw her immediately.”

“I said something like ‘wow’”, said Moore. “She finished picking songs, Maroon 5 I believe, and then she turned around.”

“It was fucking hideous,” said McQuade. “I have never seen such an ugly face on another living being.”

“Easily the most heinous creature I’ve ever witnessed,” said Moore, a two-tour Iraqi Marine Corps veteran, who broke down in tears several times during this interview. “She walked by us going back to her table and smiled at me. I was torn between the desire to cower under my barstool, or conversely to bludgeon her to death.”

“I guess it’s true,” said McQuade, an assistant medical examiner with the Pierce County Coroner’s office. “You really can’t judge a book by its ass. Her face was like something out of a Joseph Vargo gothic print about people in hell.”

Since the incident both men have stopped drinking.

“A few more that day and I might have walked over to the juke box and tried to strike up a conversation with her,” said Moore. “I thank God that I was sober when I first saw her backside.”


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