Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Johnson Announcment Shocks Friends, Family

MONTGOMERY, AL (AIP) – Second grader Bobby Johnson announced Friday that he no longer plans to become a cowboy when he grows up, stunning his parents and close friends with his unexpected disavowal of his former career plans.

“I just don’t wanna do that anymore,” said the 7-year old, speaking to reporters from the Play Place at the McDonalds restaurant on Zelda Road. “All my friends think it’s kinda dumb that I wanted to be a cowboy anyway.”

Johnson’s parents were taken aback by the sudden and unexpected announcement.

“Being a cowboy was all he ever talked about,” said father Quinton Johnson. “We thought he would be a wonderful cowboy.”

Bobby was somewhat vague about his future career plans.

“I’ve kinda narrowed it down to zombie slayer, methamphetamine manufacturer or pirate,” said Johnson. “I’ll probably return to school in the fall and see what my options are. I’ve got to make a decision because the window of opportunity is closing fast.”

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