Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Study Finds Girls Mimick Moms

GAINESVILLE, FL (AIP) A new study published by Dr. Phil Macon of the University of Florida’s Keith McCord School of Child Development shows that most young girls hope to follow the career paths that their mothers are currently pursuing.

“The numbers really are stunning,” said Dr. Macon. “We interviewed a large sampling of young girls and found that over 90 percent want to be just like their mothers.”

“I want to be a cunt, just like my mom,” said 9-year old Megan Walters, a fourth grader at the Raymond White elementary school in Myrtle Beach, SC. “Daddy says mommy is the biggest cunt he knows. I’m proud of her.”

Classmate Heather Thompson has a similar future goal.

“A ball buster,” said Thompson. “I’m not really sure what a ball buster does, but it sounds fun and I bet I’d be a good one.”

The same results were found at the McQueen Day School in Westchester, NY.

“Daddy says mommy is a slut and a tramp”, said Kayleigh Green, a fifth grader. “I want to be one of those, but not both. Being both seems very hard and mommy is always gone till late at night and when she comes home she's exhausted.”

Conversely, most young boys don’t want to be like their fathers.

“I definitely don’t want to be a prick like my dad,” said Kyle Winslow, also a fifth grader at the McQueen School. “He’s never happy and he makes mom cry a lot and calls me a loser.”

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