Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Local Man Drinks Self Into A Comma On Birthday

LARGO, FL (AIP) – Local man Steve Ward told friends at work on Thursday morning that he planned to celebrate his birthday that night by drinking himself into a comma at Harry’s Bar on East Bay Drive.

Thursday night he did not disappoint.

“A bunch of us came with Steve to celebrate,” said co-worker Marcia Thomas. “He sat down at the corner of the bar and kept calling for one round after another. The next time I saw him he was in a comma. It was amazing.”

Bartender Kelli Franklin said was not surprised. She has seen Ward do similar things in the past.

“A couple of weeks ago Steve drank himself into a semicolon,” said Franklin. “And last New Year’s Eve he and some buddy of his drank themselves into quotation marks.”

Ward said that he doesn’t confine himself to punctuation marks.

“In a few weeks I hope to drink myself into an ampersand,” said Ward. “And for Memorial Day I’m attempting the Greek letter sigma.”


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