Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brophy Admits Poor Performance On Friday

LAKELAND, FL (AIP) – Tom Brophy, in his usual post-work press conference, admitted that while he got the job done, it didn’t look like he gave his usual 100 percent at work on Friday.

“I knew going in that I was having trouble focusing,” said Brophy, an assistant produce manager at the Publix located in the Grove Park Shopping Center on US Highway 98. “The physical skills were there, but I couldn’t get a rhythm going. I couldn’t get into the groove.”

Store manager Kellie Johns rated Brophy’s Friday performance as ‘adequate’.

“He’s one hell of an assistant produce manager,” said Johns, whose store has won several national titles. “He came out of a high school that ran a pro-style books store where he was the star stocker. He was our number one pick and he started for us right away.”

“While he didn’t shine today, he did get the job done.”

Brophy told reporters that a verbal altercation with his girlfriend De Anna Thursday evening, coupled with his deep seated angst concerning the meaning of life and his place in the universe may have affected his work on Friday.

“I’ve got some issues to work through,” said Brophy. “I’ll watch some work film from today this evening and get my head together. I promise you that tomorrow I’ll be performing at 100 percent again.”

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