Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Local Woman Vows To Fight Disease

TACOMA, WA (AIP) – Carol Wineglass remembers vividly the day that she sat in her doctor’s office and received the bad news. It was August 16, 2012 when she learned that she was going to die.

“I was in shock and then I just broke down and started crying,” Wineglass, 34, told reporters on Friday. “The doctor looked right into my eyes and told me that no matter what he did, he doubted that I had more than 60 years to live.

“I bawled my eyes out that day and then late that night I decided that I was going to fight this thing.”

Her physician, Dr. Karl Blankenship, had just informed Wineglass that she was infected with Mortality.

The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide says that individuals infected with Mortality are known as Mortals and the death rate from Mortality is 100 percent.

“Mortality itself, much like AIDS, isn’t the actual killer,” said Blankenship. “Mortality lowers the general immunity of sufferers and makes them more susceptible to things like disease, heart attack, accidents, random violent crime, mob actions, drowning, malfunctioning state fair rides, tidal waves, food poisoning, bridges collapsing, terrorist acts and the general stupid acts of others. In short, Mortals have to live what time they have left being much more watchful and careful than the rest of us.”

Wineglass said that her support group gives her hope.

“There are about 15 or so of us that get together regularly and discuss coping strategies, medical breakthroughs and possible herbal remedies,” said Wineglass. “We sit and comfort each other. Sometimes we just hold each other and cry and that’s alright.”

Her husband, Marty Wineglass, supports her fully.

“She’s a tough lady,” said Marty. “If anyone can beat this thing it’s her. I don’t care what the statistics say.”

Wineglass said her support group has raised over $28 million dollars to make Mortal’s final wishes come true.

“One of our members expressed a wish that she have seven pair of Prada shoes before she dies, one for each day of the week,” said Wineglass. “We were able to make that wish come true. That poor woman is in her mid fifties and only has 37 or 38 years left.”

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