Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hall Admits, Faces Music

LARGO, FL(AIP)- Largo resident Randy Hall admitted that he 'just didn't have the juice' to hang with friends Michelle and Bill.

"Hall said 'lets go out and hang'" said Michelle. "We took him up on the offer and he bailed."

"Fuck me, I got 12 years on both of them combined," said Hall. "DAMN."

"Clearly Hall pussied out on us," said Michelle, speaking on the condition that we use her first name only. "Jeez, since I've known him he's been damn near worthless. "

Critics of Hall had a field day.

"Yep, I knew it", said Colleen Brown. "Loser."

"I'd like to squeeze his throat closed, but the son of a bitch has no neck", said Debbie Johnson, one of Hall's former wives.

Bill was more forgiving.

"Damn it, the man's a zero," said Bill. "Can we move on? Nothing to see here."

"I wish he would just die," said Michelle "Why won't he die?"

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