Thursday, December 11, 2014

Appeals Court Upholds Lower Court Finding

DENVER (AIP) – The 10th Circuit Federal Appeals Court today upheld the lower court's of $187 million to the plaintiff's in the class action lawsuit in which the Cartoon Actors Guild (CAG) claimed that the Acme Corporation, based in Las Vegas, had engaged in ‘dangerous and lax product development’that had caused the death and injury of over 70 Guild members.

““This is a major victory for my clients,” said attorney Stu York, lead attorney for CAG. “The Acme Corporation produced some horrible implements which they knew or should have known were inherently dangerous and would eventually maim or kill cartoon characters. Those people had no quality control.”

York cited the horrific death of actor Wile E. Coyote on the set of the film Going! Going! Gosh! on August 23, 1952.

“The script called for fellow actor Road Runner to drop an Acme anvil on my client’s head,” said York. “It was supposed to be a prop anvil, but Acme had inadvertently provided a real 160 lb. anvil. Needless to say my client's skull was crushed. That’s just one example of Acme’s bad faith and lax product control.

“Then there’s the incident in Duck Dodgers in the 241/2th Century when Marvin the Martin used what he thought was a prop Acme Disintegrating Pistol, but which turned out to be the real thing and actually disintegrated Daffy Duck. Mr. Duck’s family was devastated.”

Unlike many other cases, the money the plaintiffs receive from Acme may well make things better.

"This is about the money," said York. "My clients plan to hire some highly talented artists who may possibly be able to redraw their lost loved ones. Reanimate them, if you will."

Attorneys for the Acme Corporation said they will appeal the ruling.


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