Friday, December 26, 2014

North Korea Launches Second Hack Attack

MIDLAND, TX (AIP) – Officials at Plano Middle School on West Story Avenue have announced that a computer hacking attack that can be traced back to North Korean People’s Army occurred at the school over the weekend, with hackers publishing the grade point average of every child at the school on YouTube.

“We had previously received a communication from the North Korean Foreign Office warning us that if the school allowed the 8th grade production of ‘Othello’ to be performed next Friday there would be consequences,” said Principal Martin Douglas. “They’ve hacked our computers and embarrassed some of our students very badly.”

Unknown in most of the West, internal propaganda in North Korea has led the people of that county to believe that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is the person that William Shakespeare based the character Othello on. In fact, the people of North Korea believe that every popular character in Shakespeare’s plays is based on the life and antics Kim Jong-un.

“Apparently the government of North Korea felt that an amateur production of Othello would bring shame on their leader,” said Douglas.

The North Korean embassy in Beijing released a warning two weeks ago, stating that that if Plano Jr. High’s production went forward, North Korea would consider the production ‘an act of war’.

“Jeez, it’s kids doing a play,” said Douglas. “We thought the People's Army was joking.”

Douglas and other school officials had apparently not been informed of the 2012 incident when two North Korean Su-7BMK ground attack aircraft bombed California's Jerry Brown High School in retaliation for a student production of ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’.

Douglas said that the play is on hold at the moment.

“We’re putting the play off until we can find the money in the budget to have a surplus anti-aircraft missile battery installed next to the swings on the playground,” said Douglas. “Then it’s lights, camera, action.”

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