Friday, April 3, 2015

Metcalfe Speaks With Reporters

GREEN RIVER, CO (AIP) – Meeting with reporters for the first time since the event, Karl Metcalfe was blunt.

“Fuck you”, said Metcalfe, clearly emotionally shaken and visibly upset. “I mean it. Just finally fuck you.”

Reporters questioned Metcalfe, who seemed unresponsive.

“I said fuck you and I mean it”, Metcalfe finally repeated. “How many ways can I say fuck you? I’m fresh out of any other more expressive ways to state my foundational feeling, which leaves you and me with fuck you.”

Metcalfe then began to sob silently. When reporters held him gently he deeply inhaled and then turned away.

“FUCK YOU,” he screamed, getting into his ’79 Trans Am and leaving the press conference.
Reporters doubted they would ever see him again so they turned on an Air Supply CD and wept bitterly.

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