Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Burns Releases New Documentary

COLUMBUS , OH (AIP) – Famed documentary director Ken Burns, whose previously popular series include films about the Civil War and the jazz age, has turned his attention to Youth League baseball in his newest film It's A Game Of Sex.

“It was pretty appalling,” said Burns, speaking to reporters by phone. “The game has a dark underbelly.”

The highlight of the film is an interview with famed youth league coach Barton McQuire, six times manager of national championship teams.

“Basically we started the youth league here in Columbus so men my age could have unlimited and unsupervised access to large numbers of young boys,” said McQuire. “The situation comes with a built in trust relationship that can easily be manipulated. I’m the coach, do what I say. Suck my cock. It’s surprisingly easy.”

Fellow coach Marty Johnson agreed.

“The parents would literally leave their boys in my possession,” said Johnson. “Those weekend road games were something out of Arabian Nights. Oh, we played baseball, but at night we just played.”

Burns said filming the movie was a real eye opener.

“I asked a number of parents about this and they all said the same thing,” said Burns. “They all told me that ‘it’s just part of the game’.”

“After 25 years of coaching all I can tell you is there are a large number of young men in the greater Columbus area that will never walk straight,” said McQuire.

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