Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mexican Man Makes Scientific Breakthrough

MEXICO CITY (AIP) Local printer Emilio Escobar has stumbled unwittingly onto a revolutionary development in his field that he is sure will revolutionize the entire structure of his nation and perhaps the entire world.

“It’s called ‘moveable type’”, said Escobar. “This development will change everything.”

Moveable type, according to Escobar, is a system of printing that utilizes individual letters, numbers and punctuation on small lead blocks, allowing printers to reproduce a document an unlimited number of times quickly and easily.

“This will put an end to the old system of hand copying manuscripts,” said Escobar. “We will be able to mass produce copies of books, novels, plays. Everything.

“The people will be able to disseminate ideas, philosophies, scientific knowledge, poems and songs. This development will spread knowledge across out entire society; foster the exchange of ideas and technical breakthroughs. It’s revolutionary.”

Experts expect a renaissance in the culture of Mexico, similar to the one that revolutionized Europe in the in the middle of the 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg made exactly the same technological leap.

“There has been a dearth of world class Mexican writers, composers, poets and painters,” said Rubin Thomas, who studies social trends for Forbes Magazine. “Perhaps, with the advent of moveable type, we might expect to see some develop.”

And while moveable type is sure to move Mexico into at least the 18th century, Thomas noted that the nation still has a ways to go.

“Those people are at least three generations away from the development of incandescent lighting,” he said. “And it’s doubtful they will develop flush toilets any time soon.”

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