Friday, February 20, 2015

Barton's Streak Ends

TAMPA (AIP) – Robert Barton had no answers when questioned by reporters Thursday about why he didn’t attend happy hour at the Twisted Soul on Wednesday evening, bringing to an end his national record of 1182 consecutive evenings ‘having a couple’ after work.

“I don’t know what came over me,” said Barton, whose clear eyes and lack of hand tremors stunned co-workers at the Milton Heart Stint Factory on Dale Mabry. “I just thought that I’d like to go home and maybe make some dinner and watch TV.

“It’s funny because up until this morning I thought everyone just naturally came to work and vomited in the second floor bathroom.”

Barton’s streak of slightly over three years attending happy hour every work night – evenings that rarely ended before midnight – broke the old record held by Martin Clay of Tupelo, MS., who posted 964 consecutive evenings in the late 90’s. Fans agree that Barton’s accomplishment – he has been and is still employed – far outshines the unemployed Clay’s achievement.

“Once I got home yesterday I was surprised to find that I got basically the same channels on my living room TV that they have down at Twisted,” said Barton. “There were some people in my apartment when I got there and it took me about an hour to recognize them as my wife and daughter.”

Barton’s neighbor, Angela McCormick, called police when she saw him enter his apartment Wednesday at 5:30 p.m...

“I had never seen him before,” said McCormick. “I thought he was a burglar.”


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