Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DHS Issues New Travel Restrictions

WASHINGTON (AIP) - In light of the most recent attempt to blow up a commercial airliner - the bungled attempt by so-called ‘Breakfast Bomber’ Sami el Am - the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered all transportation companies including airlines, trains, subways and buses to stop selling green eggs and ham to travelers.

“You cannot get them on a plane, you cannot get them on a train,” said DHS spokesman Martin Leverock. “You cannot purchase green eggs and ham. You cannot purchase them because of Sami el Am.”

In August of this year el Am boarded a commercial flight originating in London and while in route to Washington’s Reagan National Airport attempted to ignite what appeared to be a normal breakfast of green eggs and ham but was in fact military grade explosive HMX, fashioned to look like breakfast and smuggled onto the plane by accomplices. Passengers thwarted his attempt.

On Thursday airlines scrambled to find replacement breakfasts for hungry passengers.

“Green eggs and ham have been the nation’s number one breakfast food for generations,” said Southwest Airlines vice president Carolyn Jackson. “This new regulation is really going to anger our customers.”


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