Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black Singers File Federal Lawsuit

NEW YORK (AIP) – Singers Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Art Tatum have filed suit in federal court, charging that camera manufacturers Nikon and Konica Minolta have conspired together to deny blind black musicians the ability to take museum quality photographs.

“These two leading major manufacturers of imaging products have purposely kept my clients from taking good snapshots,” said attorney Marc Tomlin, speaking for the plaintiff’s. “It’s all been about keeping blind black singers from recording their memories. It’s racist and disgusting.”

Kelly Benton-Charles, spokesman for Konica Minolta, denies his company had shown of pattern of discrimination.

“While it is true that sighted white musicians, most notably John Denver and Steve Miller, tend to take better photographs, our company has certainly not engineered in any technology in our products that preclude blind black singers from taking wonderful vacations shots at Disney or the Grand Canyon,” said Benton-Charles.

The Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to an angry crowd of visually impaired non-Caucasians outside federal court on Wednesday.

“First we’re going to redress the violation of civil rights these two camera makers have perpetuated, then we’re going after Volvo and Volkswagen,” said Sharpton. “We’re tired of those car companies building automobiles that blind black singers and musicians are unable to drive.”

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