Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NOW Announces Boycott Of Blog

WASHINGTON (AIP) – The National Organization of Women (NOW) has announced that they are leading a boycott against the Randy Hall Rants blog because of it sees as a denigrating posting on March 9 which made it appear as though female victims of domestic violence somehow deserve that abuse.

“We were all appalled by the blatant misogyny in reporter Andy Rawl’s posting,” said NOW spokeswomen Helen Short. “The disgusting display of objectification, discrimination and elitist male rhetoric was just another example of male disambiguation that women have too long suffered.”

Rawl, contacted at the OZ Gentlemen’s club where he was sipping a beer, seemed taken aback when ask for his comments about the boycott.

“First of all, I don’t really know what most of her words mean,” said Rawl. “The blog only has three readers and to my knowledge, none of them belong to NOW. I stand by the story. The facts are more or less accurate.

“You know, people need to stop taking themselves so seriously. It’s a shame that a folks self image is so fragile that a little humor undoes them so completely. I mean, it’s not like I poked fun at Mohammed or anything, and I believe I only used the quote ‘cunt’ one time in the whole fucking story.”

Short is calling for the Randy Hall blog to fire Rawl.

“The guy is vulgar and mean-spirited,” said Short. “He shouldn’t be writing for that blog. He should be writing anywhere. Hell, he should even be writing checks as far as we’re concerned.”

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