Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rock Band Settles Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (AIP) - Court documents reveal that the super rock band Creed has reached a settlement in a plagiarism lawsuit brought by Brittany Wineglass, ending a civil case that has gone one nearly three years and cost both sides hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

In the settlement, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, members of the band admit that they actually stole Wineglass’s diary in 1998 and used the poorly written, horribly executed juvenile poetry Wineglass penned during her breakup with Cody Wilson as a 14-year old sophomore at Lake City, Florida’s Columbia High School.

Virtually every song on Creed’s 1999 album Human Clay was lifted straight from the pages of Wineglass’s diary verbatim,without the least bit of editing.

“The band’s contention that it produced all the lyrics for those songs is ludicrous,” said Wineglass attorney J. Doyle Farbes. “For allegedly being written by four young men, there isn’t a bit of testosterone on the whole album.”

“I had just broken up with Cody when I wrote those words ‘Well I just heard the news today…’”, said Wineglass. “Cody had left me for that slut Morgan Kellerman. I was broken. It all came out in my diary.”

Upon being contacted by reporters, that slut Morgan Kellerman refused comment.

The situation is eerily reminiscent of the legal situation that the 70’s rock band Air Supply when accusations arose that songs from the group’s The One That You Love album were actually taken from the stolen diary of a teenager named Helen Picanti. That case settled out of court.

“Clearly there’s a pattern here,” said Farbes. “On its face it’s absurd to think that young men can write such drivel. I mean, have you actually listened to a lot of music coming out these days. A great deal of it sounds like whiney little girl scribblings.”

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