Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Relief Organization Heads To Ukraine

NEW YORK (AIP) – Citing the deteriorating situation in the Ukraine and the urgent need for assistance, the international relief organization Prostitutes Without Borders (PWB) plans to send 25 of it’s volunteers immediately to Kiev in an effort to provide much needed services.

“This is why we exist,” said Holly Weatherford, President of Prostitutes Without Borders.  “There is a critical need for our help in this war torn area. Many of the local prostitutes have fled the area and the locals are dangerously short of whores, tramps and call girls. It’s up to us to fill the gap.  We’re prepared to lie down to do this job.

"One blowjob given at a critical time to an injured man by one of our team members just might be the difference between life and death."

PWB has been operating it’s relief arm since 1978 and has sent whores to every major disaster site and war torn country around the globe in an effort to ease sexual tensions that arise from both manmade and natural disasters.

“We put women with their knees on the ground after Katrina, the Iraq invasion, the earthquake in Chile,” said Weatherford.  “Our people are all volunteers who can provide expert services under very stressful conditions.”

One volunteer, Crystal Higenbothem, said that helping others was her main goal.

“After I graduated from Prostitute School and finished my residency I decided that it really wasn’t all about the money,” said Higenbothem. “I wanted to give to others.  I could have had a nice penthouse in LA and a really cool car but I decided to dedicate myself to having sex with complete strangers in horrible situations for free.”


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