Monday, October 20, 2014

Sex Crime Set For Trial Tuesday

KEY WEST, FL (AIP) – Senior Court Clerk Andy Rawl, in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable Lewd and Lascivious trial set to begin in his division on Tuesday at the Monroe County court house, has contacted private attorney Ryan Mingor and asked him to schedule a jail visit with Dieter Monroe, the defendant in the case.

“If anyone can stop this trial, it’s Mingor,” said Rawl, a 19-year veteran in the Monroe County Clerk of the Court's office. “I’ve seen him do it before. He’s my only hope.

"He's not involved in the case, but I asked him to visit the defendant as a friend of the clerk."

Mingor has something of a reputation in Florida’s 16th judicial circuit. In his 20-year career as a criminal defense attorney, Mingor has successfully talked 14 of his clients into committing suicide before trial, thereby saving the justice system untold hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I guess it’s a gift,” said Mingor. “I have an honest talk with my clients and tell them what is likely to occur if a jury finds them guilty. The result is often pretty grim and occasionally some of them do the right thing. Not many of my clients end up going to prison.”

“I have been pretty much without hope since I found out that the trial is going,” said Rawl, who hates trials with a passion that few outsiders can understand. “Then I asked Ryan if he would visit the defendant in an unofficial capacity and just have a talk with him.”

Legal experts agree that a defendant electing suicide is often the easiest way to resolve an especially complex legal case short of trial.

“My clients are not an especially bright lot of people,” said Mingor. “But they do have an almost animal-like aversion to pain, particularly violent anal rape and 10 or 12 years of that isn’t going to be appealing to anyone."

"It pisses me off," said Assistant State Attorney Todd Prestimous. "I spend an entire weekend in trial prep. Mingor goes to visit his client at the jail on Friday and then trial day on Tuesday they find the guy hanging from his shoelaces in his cell."


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