Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chilling Revelations From Gilligan's Island Dig Site

Kawaihae , HI (AIP) – Television archaeologists digging on the small, deserted island where the S.S. Minnow was shipwrecked in 1964 have discovered evidence that the Minnow’s crew and passengers engaged in cannibalism at some point in their ordeal before eventual rescue.

“The signs are unmistakable,” said lead archaeologist Max Van Kringle. “The skull of a woman was found in the pit that Gilligan and occasionally Marianne used as a garbage dump. Her skull has several cuts on the face and chops to the back of the head.  At some point her head was removed from the body.

“ It appears that the woman’s brain was removed from her skull and there are cutting signs that would suggest her cheeks were cut away from the bone.Furthermore her leg bones show clear signs of expert butchering, the same bone cuts one would normally find on the remains of slaughtered cattle.”

Back at Kawaihae team researchers have located the S.S. Minnow’s manifest and float plan, long thought to have been destroyed in a fire that ravaged the Minnow’s home harbor in 1975.  The float plan lists the well-known five passengers as well as two crew members, but an eighth name appears.

“The records are pretty water damaged,” said forensic document examiner Dr. Carolyn Zis-Collings, whose work tracing the identities of the spouses of Carol and Mike Brady from their first marriages caused a worldwide sensation.  “We can just make out the name ‘Kimmie’ but there’s no last name, which isn’t unusual. Let’s face it, we don’t even know Gilligan’s last name.”

None of the passengers or crew members ever mentioned ‘Kimmie” after rescue and the last member of that group died in early 2014.  No person by name ‘Kimmie” has been found in police records of missing persons during September of 1964 in the Kawaihae area.

“It’s a mystery,” said Van Kringle. “Hopefully further tests will shed more light on the subject.”

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