Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sharpton Attacks Corporate Racism

NEWTON, IA (AIP) – The Reverend Al Sharpton today kicked off what he expects to be a nationwide boycott of the Maytag Appliance Company with a protest rally in front of the company’s Iowa headquarters for what he termed “blatantly racists” business practices.

“These racists corporate hate mongers have once again - long after the civil rights act became the law of the land- included a ‘Whites’ setting on their newest model clothes washer,” screamed Sharpton to about 45 protesters on the sidewalk in front of the Maytag building. “My Lord, have these people learned nothing.

“You’d think this was the 1950’s. A ‘Whites’ cycle on a washing machine is a slap in the face to people of color everywhere. It’s Jim Crow all over again.”

Maytag spokesman Carl Wisenback disagrees.

“This whole thing is absurd,” said Wisenback, speaking at a hastily called news conference. “The ‘White’ cycle on our washers is merely to designate the setting used for items that are safe to bleach. This whole protest is just insane. Much ado about nothing.”

Sharpton took offense at Wisenback’s remarks.

“Much ado about nothing? There that cracker goes, quoting a white man,” said Sharpton. “That just goes to show you how racist their thinking is.”


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