Saturday, June 28, 2014

Superhero Retires

LARGO, FL (AIP) - Randy Hall, a Stan Lee created superhero, has announced that he's hanging up his signature Joseph A. Banks tux and checkerboard Vans. He'll no longer be "the Guy" that shows up in the nick of time to pay the bar tabs of really hot girls way too young for him when they forget their wallets.

"It was a nice run," said Hall, contacted in the Baypointe Assisted Living Facility. "But frankly I've put out a lot of green for very little carpet."

Hall, whose "just in time to pay the tab" exploits amused a generation of cartoon loving kids made his career on being at the right bar at the right time with the right money to save the day and nail a piece of ass.

"The public will miss him," said Joules Davis, curator of the New York City Museum of Cultural Arts. "Frankly it's a sad day for superheros."

Hall, teared and clearly distraught, said he's going in another direction in the future. "I believe I'll go to mission work. Shit, I ment missionary work. Don't cost as much. Better ROI."

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